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See how gun bans have affected crime rates in England  and Australia!

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Concentrate On 5 Percent Of Criminals  

NCPA: While there have been dramatic decreases in most violent crimes over the past seven years, statistics show that the murder rate has stopped declining or is even increasing in many cities.

Given the latest upward trend, some criminologists are advising the law enforcement community to concentrate on the few who do the most mayhem. They point out that just 5 percent of the criminal population commit 50 percent of all serious crimes. To achieve another dramatic reduction in crime rates, they say, target that 5 percent.

Those with a criminal background caught with a weapon should be prosecuted by federal authorities. But help must be offered to those willing to back down.

Source: George L. Kelling (Rutgers University and Manhattan Institute), "The 5% Solution to Crime," Wall Street Journal, June 22, 2000.

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According to the National Center for Policy Analysis

The center found, using a variety of sources including leading University of Florida criminologist Gary Kleck and the FBI's own National Crime Statistics reports, that:


The gun control freaks and the conformist media are trying to sell that gun control works. Well we at TruePatriot and others like us beg to differ. The numbers speak for themselves gun control does nothing more than spawn more crime. Right now there are more than 6 million crimes committed in England every year. 6 MILLION! And in Australia, who just recently banned nearly all firearms, has seen the crime rate soar. It's true that the 'firearm' murder rate has dropped in that country, but rape, assault and robbery crimes have skyrocketed. Now I don't know about you but it seems that overall crime has gotten worse after there new stance on firearm control. Below are some crime stats from various countries. We at TruePatriot ask that you view these with an open mind.

Here is an example of how 'gun control' (bans) have increased crime in England:

In England and Wales in 1991 there were 12,129 offenses involving the use of firearms; in 1981, 8,067 such offenses were recorded. In 1991, 916 (8%) were for murder, attempted murder and other acts endangering life. Included in the total were 55 homicides resulting from the use of firearms
[Source: A Report for Congress: Firearms Regulation: Comparative Overviews of Selected Foreign Nations, prepared by the Law Library staff of the Law Library of Congress, USA August 1994.]

The government knows gun control won't work but the Democrats are making everyone 'feel' good. Well you won't be feeling so hot when some crazed criminal is breaking into your home and you'll have to 'rely' upon 911 and police to save you! HOLD ON WE'LL BE THERE IN A COUPLE OF MINUTES!


Subject: Gun statistics
Some Startling Statistics...
Number of physicians in the U.S.
Accidental deaths caused by physicians per year
Accidental deaths per physician
Number of gun owners in the U.S.
Number of accidental gun deaths per year (all age groups)
Accidental deaths per gun owner
Therefore, doctors are approximately 9,000 times more dangerous
than gun owners.
Taken from the Benton County NewsTribune 17 November, 1999

Just remember it is not about crime control but people control!



The 12th Annual National Police Survey once again affirms what most of us already know -- that the overwhelming majority of those in the law enforcement community believe gun control does not prevent crime. The 1999 survey, conducted by the National Association of Chiefs of Police, posed questions to 18,102 Chiefs of Police and Sheriffs. Here are some highlights: 93% believe law-abiding citizens should be able to purchase a firearm for self-defense or sport; 88% believe that a convicted felon in possession of a gun should be prosecuted by the U.S. Attorney, and if convicted, receive the maximum prison term; 66% reject the idea that law-abiding citizens should be limited to one gun per month; 56% believe that gun shows are NOT a major source of illegal guns for criminals; and within the past year, 93% of the agencies surveyed have NOT been asked to arrest anyone making a false statement on an application to purchase a firearm.


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